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Welcome to the ultimate guide on becoming a Blooket host! Whether you're a teacher looking to make your lessons more engaging or a student aiming to lead your peers in an exciting educational game, hosting on Blooket is an invaluable skill. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about being a Blooket host, from setting up your first game to advanced hosting strategies. Visit the official Blooket website here to get started.

What is Blooket?

Blooket Play is a popular educational platform that blends learning with fun through interactive games. It allows teachers and students to create and join live game sessions that review various subjects such as math, science, history, and more. As a host, you have the ability to control the game flow, customize content, and make learning an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Why Become a Blooket Host?

Hosting on Blooket offers numerous benefits:

  • Engage Students: Make learning interactive and fun.
  • Customize Content: Tailor games to fit your curriculum.
  • Promote Active Learning: Encourage participation and collaboration.
  • Monitor Progress: Track student performance in real-time.

Getting Started as a Blooket Host

1. Creating an Account

The first step to becoming a Blooket host is creating an account. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Blooket website.
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Enter your details and create a username and password.
  4. Verify your email address.

2. Navigating the Dashboard

Once you have an account, you’ll be taken to the Blooket dashboard. Here, you can:

  • Create Sets: Compile questions and answers for your games.
  • Discover Sets: Browse and use pre-made sets created by other users.
  • Host Games: Start and manage live game sessions.
  • Analyze Results: View performance data and insights.

Creating and Customizing Game Sets

1. Creating a New Set

Creating a game set involves compiling questions and answers that will be used in your Blooket games. Here’s how to do it:

  1. From the dashboard, click on "Create a Set."
  2. Enter a title and description for your set.
  3. Add questions and multiple-choice answers.
  4. Save your set for future use.

2. Customizing Questions

Customization is key to making your game engaging and relevant. Consider these tips:

  • Use Images and Media: Incorporate visuals to make questions more interesting.
  • Vary Question Types: Mix multiple-choice, true/false, and short answer questions.
  • Adjust Difficulty: Ensure a balance of easy and challenging questions.

Hosting a Blooket Game

1. Choosing a Game Mode

Blooket offers various game modes, each with unique rules and objectives. Popular modes include:

  • Tower of Doom: Answer questions to climb a tower and defeat enemies.
  • Gold Quest: Collect and steal gold by answering questions.
  • Cafe: Manage a virtual cafe by serving customers with correct answers.
  • Factory: Produce items based on correct answers.

2. Starting a Game

To host a game:

  1. Go to your dashboard and select "Host" next to the set you want to use.
  2. Choose a game mode.
  3. Customize game settings such as time limits and number of questions.
  4. Click "Host Now" to generate a game code.

3. Inviting Players

Players can Blooket Join your game using the game code. Share the code with your students or participants, and instruct them to visit the Blooket website and enter the code to join the game.

4. Managing the Game

As the host, you control the game flow. You can:

  • Start and Pause: Begin the game and pause if needed.
  • Monitor Progress: View real-time progress of players.
  • End Game: Conclude the game and review results.

Advanced Hosting Strategies

1. Using Power-Ups

Power-ups add an extra layer of strategy to Blooket games. Encourage players to use power-ups wisely to gain advantages and make the game more competitive.

2. Analyzing Results

After a game, review the performance data to identify areas where students excelled or struggled. Use this information to tailor future lessons and games.

3. Engaging Students

Keep students engaged by:

  • Encouraging Participation: Motivate everyone to join and participate actively.
  • Rewarding Effort: Recognize top performers and those who show improvement.
  • Using Variety: Rotate through different game modes to keep things fresh.

Common Challenges and Solutions

1. Technical Issues

Technical glitches can disrupt the game flow. Ensure a smooth experience by:

  • Testing Equipment: Check your internet connection and devices before starting.
  • Providing Instructions: Give clear instructions to participants on how to join and play.
  • Having a Backup Plan: Be prepared to troubleshoot common issues like connectivity problems.

2. Keeping Students Focused

Maintaining student focus can be challenging in an interactive game. Here’s how to keep them on track:

  • Set Clear Expectations: Explain the rules and objectives clearly before starting.
  • Monitor Activity: Actively monitor the game and intervene if necessary.
  • Use Positive Reinforcement: Encourage and praise students for their participation and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Game Mode for Beginners?

For beginners, the Gold Quest mode is highly recommended. It is simple to understand and engaging, making it a perfect starting point.

How Can I Make My Game More Engaging?

To make your game more engaging, consider:

  • Adding Multimedia: Use images, videos, and audio clips in your questions.
  • Incorporating Themes: Create themed sets that relate to current lessons or interests.
  • Offering Rewards: Provide small incentives for top performers.

Can I Host a Game on a Mobile Device?

Yes, Blooket is mobile-friendly. You can host and join games using a smartphone or tablet, making it convenient for on-the-go learning.

How Do I Handle Large Groups?

For large groups, ensure you:

  • Set Clear Rules: Establish guidelines to maintain order.
  • Use Breakout Rooms: Divide participants into smaller groups if possible.
  • Engage Assistants: Have co-hosts or assistants to help manage the game.

Is Blooket Free to Use?

Blooket offers both free and paid plans. The free version provides access to most features, while the paid plans offer additional benefits such as enhanced game modes and detailed analytics.


Becoming a Blooket host is a rewarding experience that can transform the way you teach and learn. By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to create engaging, educational, and fun game sessions. Visit the official Blooket website to start your hosting journey today. Remember, the key to successful hosting is preparation, engagement, and continuous learning. Happy hosting!

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